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Agape Love Ministries International

The church that loves to love!

Ministerial Staff Mission Statement

Elder Cyndi Johnson, President

We the Ministerial Staff of Agape Love Ministries have been given a “charge to serve.”

The ministerial staff consists of anointed men and women of God who not only preach and teach the Word, but put the Word into action by our service to the local body and community.

It is the goal of the staff to serve as examples in leadership, worship to God, be witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ and assist the Pastor and the people in Kingdom Building.

It is the charge of the staff to serve, encourage, assist and pray for the Pastor and the ministry. To work along with the Pastor to bring to fruition the vision and the plans that God has given him locally, nationally and internationally.

Pastor's Aide

Sister Angela Jordan, President

Mother's Board

Mother Emma Guevara

Men's Department

Deacon Eugene Westbrook, President

The Men's Department of Agape Love Ministries is committed to building Godly men to service Christ in their home, church, career and community. It is our mission to reach out to the lost men and empower them through God's word to return to their rightful places. The men's Ministry is committed to developing relationships in and among the brothers for furthering encouragement and support of men in their walk with Christ. "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

Women of Endurance

Sister Melanie Smoot, President

We, the Women of Agape Love Ministries, International, under the auspicious leadership of Bishop Clifton T. Jones, Sr., are virtuous women of purpose and destiny.

It is our purpose to serve and meet the needs of others in our families, churches and communities. It is our destiny to reach far beyond that which the natural eye can see and empower, inspire and strengthen women. To motivate one another to develop an intimate relationship with God , to love each other, to work together, and to defeat all oppressive forces from the past, present or in the future that would hinder our growth, our purpose or our destiny.

The success of our ministry is based on our strong faith in God, fasting, praying and studying the Word of God.

Finally, we will stand together to promote and support the cause for which the Church stands; to aide our pastor in his numerous labors; to welcome new members to the Church; to visit the sick and shut-in; to provide assistance and consolation to the bereaved; and to promote Christian education and understanding as virtuous women of God.

Deacon Board

Deacon Travis Cooper, Chairperson

Sunday School

Sister Gaye Harris Miles


Sister Marcia Johnson

Senior Ushers

Media Ministry


Mother Melissa Bernard

Youth Department

Elder Michelle Rhodes

Singles Ministry

Minister Shantelle Ashford

Marriage Ministry

Elders Delaney and Brenda Alexander