It is best to start choosing a bike with height. The fact is that bicycles have sizes (yes, yes!) And they have a limited size range, mainly designed for the average height. If your height is in the range from 155 to 185 cm, then choosing a bike for you will not be difficult. In terms of gender, all bikes can be divided into unisex - universal bikes that are suitable for both men and women, and women's – i.e. bikes designed for women. Structurally, women's bicycles differ from unisex bicycles in a lowered frame and some elements of attachments (a more comfortable saddle, etc.). In a city apartment, there is usually not enough space for a bicycle. Therefore, if you do not have a large empty loggia or balcony, or a spacious and fenced landing, you should pay attention to folding bikes. However, only city bikes are usually foldable. Bicycles of all other types do not fold - for them it will be necessary to provide for the option of mounting to a wall or ceiling. Despite all the diversity of the cycling world, bicycles can still be intelligibly laid out on shelves. In general, only 5 types of bicycles can be distinguished, the rest can be attributed to types. Here they are: mountain, city, road, children's and BMX. Mountain bikes are the strongest and most versatile bikes and are extremely popular. Mountain bikes are distinguished by a massive frame, strong wide wheels with a pronounced tread, very often a suspension fork, sometimes a rear suspension, often disc brakes - in general, everything for an active, dynamic ride on absolutely any surface. A huge number of sports velo-disciplines are associated with mountain biking. Sports are loved everywhere and hence, probably, the love for mountain bikes. And you don't have to be an athlete to ride one like that ;) Urban ones are distinguished by a completely different, more direct and comfortable fit, a different design and a different purpose. A city bike is primarily a means of transportation, not a sports equipment. There are a lot of types of city bikes - from classic touring bikes in retro style to rigid, fast and maneuverable ones. Road bikes are distinguished primarily by 28" road wheels, which roll very well on asphalt and require less effort from you to ride. Just like city bikes, they are presented as touring models and professional bikes - for road racing, cyclocross and I think everything is clear with children's bikes ;) In fact, they are practically smaller copies of adult bikes, and even from the photo you can roughly understand which of them are classified as sports and which are more classic, urban models.BMX bikes are small, rigid bicycles without shock absorbers that are used for stunt riding or racing Inexpensive models are popular among teenagers because they are very strong and easy to learn tricks, unlike mountain bikes Expensive models weigh much less and are easier to perform complex tricks ( twists, somersaults, etc.)